book_wench (book_wench) wrote,

The First Half of 2009

I've not been too happy with 2009 so far. This is how my year thus far has gone:

1. My hours at work were drastically cut.

2. My maintenance fees went up. A lot. (Anybody seeing a problem here?)

3. I did not finish my book when I thought I would. In fact, I have still not finished it. I find this unbearably depressing.

4. I got the swine flu.

5. It's not just that I got the flu, it's when I got it. A lot of the reason for #3 is that, just as I was on verge of pulling it all together, Borders decided that the store needed to be completely re-arranged. 2600 sq. ft. of books. I got to be lead on this project because it's my kind of thing. This lead to my working virtually full-time, which was a help with numbers 1&2, but made it impossible for me to get much written.

But look on the bright side, right? I'm organizing the kind of project I love and I have got it all under control and at least I will not have to declare bankruptcy.

Only then I get the swine flu and have to abrogate responsibility for my pet project. Plus I am no longer earning any money, thus enabling numbers 1&2 to raise their ugly heads again.

So now I have no money, I have no book, and I have a sinus headache. I want a do-over!

Update 23 June 2009:

I now have a number 6 (oh, joy ).

6. Someone backed into my car.

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