August 13th, 2009

New Computer

The new MacBook has arrived! It's beautiful. I love it already.

I've not yet been able to retrieve anything off the old iBook, although I'm hopeful that I'll manage that at some point. More importantly, I have not been able to install Word successfully. It keeps telling me my key is wrong. I'm guessing this is because I used the same key to install it on the iBook. I figure as well that there must be some way to do this because, after all, everyone periodically gets a new computer and has to install software on it. So I skipped on over to the Mactopia site on Microsoft and tried to post the question. They wanted to me to register, okay, so I filled out the form and typed in the string of funky letters that proves I'm human. Result: MS says I typed in the letters wrong. I tried again. Same result. I tried multiple times, but it won't let me register. I hate Microsoft.

And this is holding up work on the book, since I cannot very well work on a Word file if I don't have the damn program running.
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