October 11th, 2009


Had a very productive day yesterday, stuffing my head full of information about English jurisprudence and (much more fun) taking the Scrivener tutorial. I've only just begun to use it, but I think I'm really, really going to love it. Because normally I have a Word folder entitled Book5 or whatever and then full of various documents incorporating various incarnations of the narrative, plus a whole bunch more full of to do lists, notes, plot points, character lists, outlines of the scenes written to date, etc. Usually during the course of writing a book, another folder emerges which is full of old notes and ideas which are no longer relevant, but which I am loathe to delete, just in case. And it is not at all unusual to find me opening and closing one doc after another, trying to find exactly where I put that particular piece of information, or where I made that important note.

But Scrivener gives me a place to put all my notes, etc. and actually attaches them to the document they belong to. Actually, it doesn't just give me one place, it gives me multiple places depending on what kind of note it is. Which suits me down to a tee. On top of that, there's the automatic synopsis and the cork board. Because once I'm fairly far along and have hit the middle-of-the-book doldrums, I usually need an overview and end up spending time working my way through the book, writing the kind of outline writers who use outlines to start with usually have, only of course mine only goes up to where I've stopped because I can't use an outline to write.

(An aside: John Grisham always sounds so wonderfully organized when he talks about his process, it makes me quite jealous. I sit and listen to him in wonder, knowing that I could never, ever write a book that way, but rather wishing that I could. This may be a case of "the grass is always greener"…)

Anyway, I had a very satisfying day off, and am ready to go into work tonight and arrange Wimpy Kid books all over the place.