April 6th, 2012

What I'm Working On

So here's my long-delayed post on what I'm doing with myself these days. It's been long-delayed because the last year has been really rotten. Really, really rotten. 'Nuf said.

As I posted on my website some time ago, I am working on a fifth Bethancourt and Gibbons mystery, which I plan to e-publish since St. Martin's has dropped the series. There's a big however coming, though.

However, mystery #5 (no working title as yet), has been put on the back burner while I try to resurrect my career and enter the fantasy genre. For many years now, I've become much more of a fantasy reader than a mystery reader, and in my spare writing time, I've been jotting down quite a lot of stuff. I have finished the first novel in a trilogy, which my wonderful, wonderful agent currently is looking at to determine whether or not it's salable. In case it's not, I've also started work on an urban fantasy which I originally thought might be YA, but probably isn't.

For the B&G fans out there, I haven't forgotten you and I will get that fifth book out as soon as I can. It turns out that I'm an absolutely terrible blogger, but I will try to keep everyone posted. If you have emailed me via the website about the Bethancourt & Gibbons books, you will receive an email in return when I've got the fifth ready. I've also recently written a B&G short story, but I'm not quite satisfied with it yet and am letting it "stew" before sending it out. If it gets accepted for publication, I'll post about it.