June 11th, 2012

After Dinner Writing Session

Settle down with computer. Turn off television. Go back to the end of the diner scene and write the characters out of the diner. Stop. Bring up browser and poke around on the internet for a while shopping for food at D'Artagnon. Go back to Scrivener and delete previous writing. Write them out of the diner again. Stop. Play a game of solitaire (actually, two games, or maybe it was three). Go back and delete end of diner scene. Write them out again. Get back on the internet and start looking at apartments one could afford if one were to move back to New York. Consider moving to the Bronx. Bring up Scrivener and add two sentences. Go to Proto-Indo-European dictionary and look up random words. Go back and re-read two previous sentences and add another one. Back to the internet and generally give up on getting any real writing done. Plot chart on travel site of neighbor's Nova Scotia trip. Sometime after midnight, go back to MS for one last look, delete everything previously written and then suddenly get it right, and write till 4 a.m. Sheesh.