June 18th, 2012

Eating Habits

I started reading a book called French Kids Eat Everything last night. It's nonfiction, about a Canadian mother with two picky eaters who ends up moving to France and learning a different way of eating and teaching your kids to eat. I picked it up because I am a firm believer in eating everything, particularly when one is invited out to eat. I think I was really looking to find out what the basic difference was between me and the picky eaters I've been encountering lately.

I haven't got very far into the book, but so far what I've gathered is that the French are still eating the way Americans (and probably everybody else in Western culture) used to. Basic ideas, like you eat at meals, not in between. And just because your toddler turns up his/her nose at a particular food does not mean you should never give it to them again. That's certainly the way things were when I grew up.

Anyway, I shall be interested to see what else the book has to say. Where I stopped reading, the author seemed to be making the point that in France they still insist on better public manners than we do here these days.