July 25th, 2012

Florida Voting

Today's topic is the Florida voter purge. There's been a lot of talk about it in the press, which you probably haven't paid much attention to if you don't happen to live in Florida. In a nutshell, Florida is purging its voter registration rolls of any ineligible voters. Republicans say this is to prevent voter fraud; Democrats say it's to prevent immigrant and minorities from voting.

My own take is that just maybe Florida should get a grip on the entire process. Because my mother has been dead for nearly six years. Her estate went through probate, and I filed death certificates in all the proper places. The real estate was transferred from her name to mine. The joint bank account we had set up had her name removed from it (another death certificate there). In short, my mother is as legally dead as it is possible to be, and she's been that way for just shy of six years. But in today's mail I received a brand-new voter registration card for her.

If you can't manage to hook up your data bases so that people with death certificates are automatically removed from the voters rolls, perhaps you should think twice before embarking on a state-wide purge of living people. Baby steps, people, baby steps.