August 19th, 2012

State of the Writing

This week I have finished up the queries for both MSS and they are out being vetted by my beta readers. They should get back to me shortly, and then the queries will go off the Lovely Agent. She, however, is all busy with WorldCon (yes, I am jealous, I would love to go this year), and when she gets back she will no doubt be backed up work-wise, so I probably will not hear from her for awhile.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. I have a rough draft of the beginning of Bethancourt 5 (yes, that is the working title & I don't care that it's not a proper one, it's the one I'm using), which I have begun to read over to put my head back in the book. I will be working on that, though it may get interrupted once the Lovely Agent has had time to look at my queries. I also have a first draft of a Bethancourt short story which I'll be going over and submitting once it's good enough. In addition, I've got an idea for a fantasy short story. I don't know if that one's going to pan out or not, but I'll probably put some work in on that as well.

That's what's on the agenda as far as writing goes, but before I really hunker down I'm going review how to use Dreamweaver so I can update my website. And I'd like to clean up the house a bit.