book_wench (book_wench) wrote,

Writing Update

I don't see why life has to interfere with writing so much. Yesterday I got nothing written on account of having to deal with a kitty-vet crisis before I left for work. Today is going much the same way because today the workmen are here to install the new vanity, and I can't concentrate with all the noise. Besides, they woke me up and it's hard to write when you're this sleepy.

It's all driving me crazy because I am so close to the end of the rough draft. Right now I'm setting the stage for the climax scene, and then I have to do the wrap-up, which shouldn't be too long or too hard. 

Well, I have the weekend off, so I'll have to hope I get a lot done over the next two days. Unfortunately, experience tells me that I will probably spend tomorrow working my way back into the book, meaning that I will spend all day focused on it and end up with a relatively low usable word count. Like I did last week, when I probably wrote about 3500 words, but only kept about 1200.

Tags: my book, update, writing progress

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