book_wench (book_wench) wrote,

In Which My Life Becomes a Farce

I don't know who I pissed off, but they're really, really mad.

Last Friday, I went to bed around 2 a.m. and was sleeping soundly when my roommate called for me at a little after 4. There was a terrific thunder storm going on, and the noise the rain makes on the skylight over the stairs pretty much drowns out any other sound, so it wasn't until I got downstairs that I heard the gushing.

The hose from the washing machine had burst and was spraying a fountain into my kitchen. We jerked the washer out from the wall, and then I climbed up on it to try to turn off the tap, with water spraying into my face the while. The tap wouldn't budge. Carol fetched tools. Still wouldn't budge. 

So out into the rain and wind to run around the building and turn off the main. That at least turned easily enough and I trotted back inside, only to find it had only lowered the water pressure, not turned the water off. Back outside. Nope, the tap out there is as off as it's going to get. Emergency plumber time.

It's now almost five and it took awhile for the plumber to come, by which time there was two inches of water on my kitchen floor, seeping into all the adjacent closets and rooms.

So there was plumbing and Stanley Steemer and loud giant fans and the AC set at 85 degrees.

The next day I went off to take down a merch display I'd been babysitting at Sam's Club. I'd checked with them earlier in the week about when to come because they close early on Sundays and the girl at the desk had said 6 p.m. was good. So I got to work and once I was almost done, I needed some zip ties and went off to the back to get some. Which was when I realized it was awfully quiet. Yup, they'd all left and locked me into the store.

Monday passed quietly enough, making me think this bizarre turn of events might be over. But no. Tuesday morning T-Mobile shut my phone off because of a glitch in their system which said my monthly renewal was due two days earlier than my automatic renewal was set to kick in. So I missed the call from the insurance adjuster and I had to yell at the T-Mobile automated system to get a real person on the line.

I'm almost afraid to find out what happens tomorrow.


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